Community-Driven DeFi Application built for high usability.
Our mission is bringing the innovations of DeFi to user’s fingertips.

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Backed by
  • Azzerq
  • Nexis Lab
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Decentralized finance made easy

Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) is a novel, innovative approach to remove intermediaries for financial services such as loan, finance, exchange, and payments. As a project backed by Azzerq, Prenchet focuses on building a user-centric DeFi application.

  • Transfer

  • Payment

  • Exchange

  • Commerce

  • Card

  • Wallet

  • Powered by blockchain

    Prenchet is a decentralized application (DApp) built on Azzerq’s blockchain platform Vitae. Vitae, a latin word for life, is built for scalability and simplicity. Vitae is built using Tendermint blockchain framework. With a robust architecture in design, Nexis Labs and Azzerq team is building a frictionless blockchain platform customized for the Azzerq ecosystem. Later, Vitae Network will utilize Nexis Lab’s layer two technology.

    Blockchain stack
    Application screenshot

    Mobile-focused decentralized finance

    Powered by Vieta, Prenchet Pay is a blockchain-based payment application designed with simplicity in mind.

    • Multi-Asset Wallet

      Store different cryptocurrencies safely on your Prenchet Wallet

    • Rewards Exchange

      Collect brand-specific rewards and exchange it on Prenchet Wallet

    • Instant Swap

      Instantly exchange cryptocurrencies via Prenchet Wallet

    Global rewards aggregator

    Merchants can simply connect to the Prenchet Ecosystem by issuing their native rewards on the blockchain. Users can exchange their rewards for other rewards using the PREN token as an intermediary exchange token.

    stake and earnPREN
    Reward illustration

    PREN token is the native utility token used in Prenchet’s ecosystem

    • Staking

    • Fees

    • Governance

    • Payments

    • Exchange

    • More

    Prenchet Roadmap

    2020 Q3

    • Research

    2020 Q4

    • Presale / Uniswap Listing
    • Vitae Blockchain Integration
    • Prenchet Pay Release

    2021 Q1

    • Prenchet Rewards System
    • Prenchet Governance Details

    2021 Q2

    • Prenchet DID System


    Alex Buckmaster

    Alex Buckmaster

    Lead Developer

    Alex is full stack developer with solid background in AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, Python, Blockchain, PHP, MySQL, and more. Alex is leading the development of Prenchet Dapp. He has been also involved in the development experience with MakerDao.

    Kurt Bates

    Kurt Bates


    CEO of Azzerq project, Sungmin was the former CEO of Netmarble IGS. With an extensive experience in the gaming industry, Sungmin is focused on helping the Prenchet project scale their application and service as a global payment Dapp.

    Daniel Hamilton

    Daniel Hamilton


    CEO of Nexis Labs and Dream Chain International, Daniel has an extensive experience of helping blockchain companies with marketing, business development, and fundraising. Daniel is helping Prenchet to expand its ecosystem.

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