Prenchet Application

Prenchet Pay is a mobile-focused decentralized finance dApp built on Azzerq’s blockchain platform, Vitae. As with Azzerq’s blockchain philosophy, Prenchet focuses on mass adoption.

App screenshot

Instant Swap

Using oracles, aggregate price feeds, and liquidity pools, Prenchet Pay provides the best pricing for exchanging tokens. From the mobile application, simply exchange between your holding assets.

Multi-Asset Wallet

Hold different cryptocurrencies on the multi-asset wallet on Prenchet application. Exchange your assets to other cryptocurrencies with instant swap. Pay for items and on offline stores using the Prenchet Pay.

Blocks but different

Mobile Governance

Participate in decentralized governance of Prenchet Finance by simple touches. Use your PREN tokens on the wallet to vote on proposals to improve the Prenchet Finance. Prenchet Finance is aiming towards complete decentralization through our community.

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